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About Lightspeed    
About Lightspeed      


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Lightspeed believes asset managers can achieve superior ROI and provide greater value for clients by improving execution of operations and data management.

Our TDMS product team is focused exclusively on enhancing the productivity of asset managers’ post trade activities.

We follow a development and service model that stresses collaborative solutions and seeks first and foremost to meet client needs for innovation and efficiency.

We are 100% employee owned, structured to serve and highly valued by a select list of asset managers known for industry-leading innovations and practices.

Want to improve your post trade productivity? Contact Lightspeed today.


  Lightspeed History


“A new client comes in. They might be in Europe and they want something in a certain format that no other U.S. client wants.  Well, you can go to Lightspeed and you can get them to program something for you, usually on the turn of a dime. And you get it back right the first time.”







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