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Communicating with your clients and those who serve them is core to your mission and critical to the success of your business. TDMS facilitates communications with clients, custodians and brokers by integrating powerful communications tools, functions and protocols directly into the TDMS application.

With TDMS, your staff won’t need to toggle back and forth between accounting, trading and matching programs into communication hubs and email systems.

TDMS enables direct access to: 

  • Omgeo confirms/affirmation

  • Omgeo TradeHub

  • ISO15022 Swift settlement messages to custodian/client

  • FTP, Email, AutoFax



“We get a lot of clients who come in and say, I want a CSV text file with all my trades at the end of the day or I want Excel or I want an email or I want it in ASCII format. We support all of that with TDMS and it’s all automated.”










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