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Your middle office is the nerve center of your asset management organization. Lightspeed's Trade Data Management System (TDMS ®) empowers it to function as swiftly as the capital markets themselves.

Your investment in TDMS delivers strong returns through a system that helps you achieve the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy in post-trade settlement activities. It brings a full suite of tools to your staff's desktops by providing a single application that adapts to the way you work.

Users match trades more efficiently by leveraging the solution’s powerful and highly customizable features and logic. TDMS automates more matching processes, provides greater flexibility in assigning matching tolerances, and configures to your multi-user environment in ways that enable you to retain greater control over post-trade activities.

TDMS can enhance your efficiency in:

  • Matching improve match rates and speeds in affirming Omgeo broker confirms

  • Communicating report directly to custodians, clients and brokers from the application with point-and-click efficiency

  • Archiving – leverage a comprehensive, accessible source of trade and broker confirm data

  • Interfacing connect readily to the various order management and portfolio accounting systems you operate.

  • Training – learn intuitively and master quickly 

The TDMS suite is designed to boost productivity, scale economically and configure to your needs. To learn more about how TDMS can transform your post-trade productivity Contact Lightspeed today.


“The world’s becoming smaller, the settlement cycles are becoming shorter, and, you know, if you’re going to survive you need powerful tools. TDMS is a powerful tool.”








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