Post-Trade Settlement Processing Platform

Lightspeed TDMS simplifies trade-related processes, automates essential tasks  and provides integration with external platforms, resulting in more efficient trade management and potential cost savings.

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Post-Trade Processing Redefined

TDMS post-trade processing platform is the future of global trade settlement.

Complete Control

TDMS provides firms with complete control of their post-trade workflow via a single customized interface for all asset classes.

Streamlined Processes

By automating a broad array of post-trade settlement functions, TDMS provides a firm’s operations department
with a streamlined process for matching, communicating, archiving and reporting of trades.

Innovation Delivered

TDMS provides a state-of-the-art post-trade messaging and data normalization service for institutional asset managers globally. The FIS and Lightspeed services combine advanced routing and transformation logic with extensive industry expertise.

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Better Matching

TDMS is the mission critical tool to manage the settlement process with multiple prime brokers and custodians.

Improves match rates efficiency and can reduce post-trade settlement risk
Matches trades to broker confirms to ensure price, commission and all trade information is accurate
Automate and configure batch trade information notifications and affirmations for accurate confirms
Focus exclusively on missing data and exceptions with varying matching tolerances for each settlement currency

Exception Handling

Deal with matching exceptions quickly and efficiently to reduce risk and trade fails. TDMS enables you to quickly identify breaks between your trades and the broker confirms and easily perform exception handling tasks.

Notifying the correct counterparty to cancel and correct the confirm
Log user comments and reason codes to track the exception resolution progress and track broker performance
Force match to accept the differences in the broker’s confirm or upload “hard copy” confirms received via email, which are permanently stored and attached to the trade in TDMS
Force affirmation of DTCC/Omgeo confirms while waiting for the trade from the accounting or trading system
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Exception Handling
DTCC / Omgeo

Failed Trades Tracking

In one simple dashboard, you can see all failed trades including critical data elements such as: age, settlement status, matching status, affirmation and notification status, contractual and actual settlement date, or any other key data points. Log user comments and reason codes to track the failure resolution progress, track broker performance and identify failure trends.

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Better, Faster, Smarter Settlement

The return on investment (ROI) has been proven with some of the top investment firms in the world. Trade operations teams have become streamlined and highly productive by utilizing TDMS to manage their post-trade process. The benefits of TDMS include:

Single customized user interface for all asset classes and workflows
World-class infrastructure and data normalization for all post-trade workflows (supports all industry protocols)
Robust and flexible reporting modules
Incremental post-trade cost reduction to your firm and your industry partners (brokers / custodians)
Fully customizable solution and seamless integration with most vendor and proprietary systems.

Simple Connectivity

Connect readily to the various order management and portfolio accounting systems you operate. TDMS is deeply integrated with leading portfolio accounting and trading systems, and we welcome the opportunity to develop custom applications and interfaces to specific configurations and requirements.

Unleash the power of Lightspeed TDMS.

Get ready to optimize your trading settlement operations with us.

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